We offer business analytics and Big Data consulting services to a diverse range of clients in various industries. Some of our focus practice areas are listed below.

  • Our team members posses direct and deep experience on data derivations, data management, automated processes, integrated internet portals, superfast time series data, and large scale distributed data and analytics platforms for a broad range of applications.

  • We have worked with companies in various industries to apply our expertise in “big” and fast data in their applications.

  • Our team members have developed advanced statistical tools to provide real-time visualization of market flow and liquidity for trading and sales activities.

  • Our team members have developed a Production Planning Decision Support System as an integrated part of a company level decision support system of economic activity analysis and production planning for a large international metal company.

  • We have been working with a big grocery chain in the local area to identify, analyze, and connect key customer satisfaction metrics, and employee satisfaction metrics.

  • We organize LinkedIn and  Wechat groups to facilitate online and offline exchanges of knowledge and ideas and help members understand industry trends and tap into emerging opportunties.

  • We engage in local forums, expos, and conferences, and work with related affinity groups to promote deeper understandings of Big Data and FinTech beyond the hype.

  • Our leaders have been visiting/hosting global leaders of Big Data and FinTech in academia and industry for knowledge exchanges and the promotion of a healthy ecosystem.

  • We provide training on a broad range of topics on Big Data and FinTech including but not limited to Hadoop ecosystem tools, high performance computing, data analysis, and credit. We cater to whatever your needs are.

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